Thursday, August 6, 2009

Organizing Your Electronic Communications

When computers were as big as rooms and we were all excited about things like Tang, computer aided instruction, Apollo rockets, and Space Mountain we were told that this new computer age would not only improve our lives but also reduce the 40 hour work week. Last week I worked over 60 hours with no days off and worked literally from the time I got up until the time I went to bed. I’d like to find those people who proliferated that lie about computers and kick them right in the shin. They are all probably dead anyway from over being worked…and drinking too much Tang
Technology has moved so quickly to make us all so electronically connected. So much so that we are expected, not only as real estate agents, to be in continual contact with our network or sphere of friends. The constant bombardment of emails, text messages, tweets, and other electronic communication devices has left us without a moment to ourselves.
It is difficult at times to determine how to take control of this constant level of communication that we are expected to keep. There are some things that we can do to reduce some of the clutter and demand of our time. First, when posting electronically to our social network sites make sure the various sites you have link to each other so one post goes to each site within your network. Second, use a posting scheduler like to post your information. Using an automatic posting device like this will enable you to plan your postings for at least a day at a time and even longer. You could for example, research only once or twice a week, prepare a series of posts on a specific topic, schedule the posts, and then have them upload to your twitter site at specifically scheduled times so that it appears that throughout the day or week that you are consistently and constantly updating your sites. You can even review your calendar to post, at appropriate times, about events you haven’t even attended!
Technology and instant communication can at times seem overwhelming and burdensome. Since the computer age seems to be ever advancing and growing in speed, creating greater demands on our time, use these advances and tools to help reduce your stress.

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