Saturday, October 24, 2009

Social Media Start Up Ideas

Many people who haven't yet launched into using social media sites and other web sites to promote their real estate give one of two reasons why they haven't started. The first is time and the second is knowing actually knowing what to do. Though many people agree that they would market using social media, they just don't have the expertise to be able to accomplish the task. If there were a step by step approach to getting involved in the more popular sites then these non social media users would jump right in. The other group, the one professing lack of time, has a legitimate reason as well, or at least those in this group think they do because they don't know how to manage their social media accounts.
Ideas to start:
1 Open a Facebook account. It is very intuitive, even asking you which friends of yours you want to befriend. What are you waiting for?...
2 In your profile (click the tab) hit that little picture button to upload a photo of your favorite listing. In the rectangle that asks "What's on your mind?" Type a flowing description of your listing. Click share!
3 How about an event? See the little calendar tab? Click on it and add information about an upcoming event like an open house or a volunteer event you are involved in. Click Create an Event.
4 You are almost there! Now for the scary part... If you are on your laptop and you have a webcam, then you can create your own short video message. Let's start small and send it directly to a friend of yours. Up at the top of the page is Inbox. Click on it. Click on Compose and type a friend’s name in the To: box. Next is the fun part! Click on the camera and then the little white button in the red square at the bottom of the page...Start talking and SMILE! When you run out of things to say then stop talking and click the white square at the bottom of the screen. Click share.
5 Click on the Photos button on the left side of the page. Click upload photos and then click Create an album. Name it Homes I've Sold. Click create and then click the photos of homes that you've sold. They're in the photos on your computer aren't they? Click upload.

You now have a Facebook account and are part of the 4th largest country in the world. You can upload photos, write a post, make a photo album, and make a video. Set your timer for 30 minutes and stop when it goes off.

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