Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A True Social Media Network part 1

When I started learning about this social media stuff I had two simple goals in mind. First, I wanted to reconnect with people I knew from years before. Second, I truly felt I could gain exposure in the marketplace and become of greater service to my community. Funny, I never realized the scope of either goal.
What I have learned in achieving both my goals is fairly simple, but not limited to:
1. It's far better to give than receive.
2. Facebook is really fun!
3. I've gone a lot of places because of twitter.
4. And, blogs have more information on one subject than I can ever begin to digest.

From the business side what I've notice more than anything is that the real bloggers tend to dominate the marketplace. More than any other social media user, those who provide quality information on their blogs to their readers tend not only to have the most readers but also the greatest market share... Let it sink in... Those who give the most tend to receive the most.

Blogs and websites that actually give information are highly appreciated. I continuously return to Brian Worrell's site as an exceptional example of a site that provides quality information. Brian uses the site for residents of the subdivision to learn about upcoming community events, garage sales, lost and found items, and other pertinent information. It is a site Brian has given to the residents. And, according to Brian, through giving he receives great benefit.

Many novice social media users try their hand at facebook (it is extremely interactive). They friend everyone. Post a listing or two and wait for the benefits. After a month of no dollar return they call facebook a timewaster and then call it quits. Their failure stems from misconception. Here's a major hint: people don't necessarily want to see all your listings on facebook. They want to get to know you better.

Facebook is fun and entertaining. Use it for some information but not much. Use Facebook to connect and socialize with your FRIENDS. Use it to point to your information site, your blog.

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  1. Byron, I appreciate the kind words! I would love to talk to you more about setting up a time to meet with you and get some details in your hands of how the whole program could really benefit your agents. Have a great 2010!

    Brian Worrell, Realtor
    Agent FarmSite