Monday, May 31, 2010

Trying to add cool Facebok buttons

Learning new things isn't always easy. If you are watching others and then trying to figure out how they did what they did and then searching and trying to replicate it, it can be difficult. It would be much easier if I actually knew someone who would say something like, "Whoa dude, check this out. It's sooo cool."
Google serching a problem is getting easier and easier.
Today I tried to add a Facebook Like button. My first attempt landed me a I like Milk facebook link. Nice move, Byron! It looked good on my blog though. I learned by searching how to on google and then on facebook that I had to actually create my own application and then copy and paste my coe to my widget on my blog. Sounds hard but it really wasn't. The big deal is actually having the time to figure these things out. Back to "Whoa dude, check this out." I could use a friend like that!


  1. Nope. Not yet. Trying to add a facebook like button...

  2. Not as easy as I thought it would be. None of this ever is. The question is, Can I replicate my efforts for another blog?