Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our brand is built on our service

What you do matters
I helped Mrs. B with her keys and the security code in her new townhome ,a 50 minute drive clear across the city from my neighborhood, after teaching all day Saturday and Sunday at real estate school. Mrs. B is a couple of years older than my mother. Though I was tired, it was my privilege to drive across town and go through her keys to her new home with her. We had looked at townhomes in her price range in less than desirable parts of town – music blaring in the middle of the day, people playing basketball and yelling up the street. The homes she found in her price range made her feel like she was definitely settling – you can’t have low price and safety after all.

Or can you?
With some research, elimination, and weeks of previewing, I found her a gem. As my wife and I drove to her home Sunday evening to meet and go over her keys with her, my wife was commenting on the pretty neighborhood, with mature trees, stately homes, and the quiet. When I asked her if she would pay $65,000 to live in this neighborhood she said “Of course”! The homes were obviously in the $300-400,000 range. Well, that’s what I helped Mrs. B do. We pulled up to her little townhome community on the edge of the neighborhood – quiet, treed, wide streets, and neatly trimmed lawns, and walked to meet her at her updated, clean, lovely, home.

Why so much work for so little money?
Mrs. B is the mother of a previous client. I received a phone call from her son a couple of months ago. He asked me if I could help his mother. Talk about validation of personal service.

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