Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You Can't Manage Time

We all complain about not having enough time to work, play, work on a project or have a family life.
4 Things You Already Know – Now Commit to Them
Time wasters to watch:

TURN OFF THE TV – if you love sports, have a favorite show, enjoy a news program – watch THAT one, then TURN OFF THE TOOB. This is one of the all-time time wasters – we know it – yet we listen to the same news over and over, same weather forecast, even get caught up on classic movies we’ve seen 5 times and get sucked in to professional poker. You know how to use the remote – now commit to it.

INTERRUPT THE INTERNET– I’ll just check my emails, oooh- there’s a link to a YouTube clip, hey- I wonder if that comedian made any other clips…next thing you know you’re surfing the hours away. Don’t get distracted – allow yourself some recreation, set a timer, then LOG OFF.

SCHEDULE YOUR FAMILY TIME – and reading time, creative thinking time, and keep it like you would any other appointment. Otherwise you’ll look back on your month and notice you’ve given your business the attention it needs, but not your other desires. Your job will always compete for your time – you get to choose when to say yes (TURN OFF THE INSTANT MESSAGE CHIME ON YOUR PHONE).

IMPORTANT OR URGENT– When I’m working on a report and someone comes into my office to ask me an urgent question, I get to determine whether it’s important or urgent, not them. I learned early, and well, in real estate, people can portray an item to be urgent, when they are really kicking tires, or don’t intend to turn that offer in until they come back from a two vacation. Buyers and sellers can do the same thing. Ask a lot of questions so you can assess, be firm, and redirect others from demanding your attention.

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