Friday, November 4, 2011

Seven things you need to do to engage your Facebook followers

This is a no-brainer, but were you aware that people buy more when they are engaged? Though I can't source this, some statistics show that consumers spend 20-40% more when they are actively engaged with the salesperson or company.

Do you know why? ...Because buying and selling is emotional
We must move away from one-sided tightly scripted messages to a free form of dialogue with consumers. Creating dialogue and engaging your consumers means you have to know who you’re attracting.
  • Ask Questions - Brainstorm a list of questions your followers will find engaging
  • Keep it simple and fun - Use videos and photos to attract followers
  • Keep an editorial calendar - Plan your posts around themes.
  • Create a content grid – Organize your posts into categories: Real Estate, Local Interests,
  • Personal Interest, Your website
  • Reply to every Like or Comment - Simply, “Thanks for the likes” will suffice.
  • Reply to every Share - People want to know that you’ve seen them.
  • Measure your success with analytics - Use the basic Facebook analytics or more detailed Hootsuite or Google Analytics to measure your traffic.

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