Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Open House Prospecting Plan

Prospecting in real estate should always be systematic and planned. Open Houses, a comprehensive prospecting system, is a great example. With both active and passive prospecting activities, open houses expose our listings and reach both buyers and sellers.
For open houses to reach their greatest prospecting potential, follow these simple steps:

Two Weeks before the Open House
  • Choose a house to hold open
  • Mail invitation post cards to 50 neighbors
  • List the open house on the multiple listing service and on other real estate pages
  • Order a short open house newspaper advertisement or facebook pay per click ad

The Week before the Open House

  • Place an Open Sunday sign rider on the sign
  • Place an event on Facebook and invite local friends
  • Prepare flier for open house
  • Call prior open house attendees inviting them
  • Call twenty neighbors inviting them

The Day of the Open House

  • Place at least six open house signs
  • Request every visitor sign in by using an inexpesive raffle

These simple to follow steps will create an open house system that will generate many buyer and seller leads. Including the buyer prospect in future open house invitation calls insure more interest to your open houses and will create lucritive relationships with buyers.

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