Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Looking for success? Come out of the gate FAST!

New agents hit the real estate scene full of enthusiasm and dreams, dollar bills dancing in the head and ideas of making it big in their new career. Somewhere in their first month they get a dose of reality when business opportunities don’t actual knock their door down. Quickly, they can become frustrated and disillusioned.
Thankfully, there are remedies for this. It sounds overly simplistic and it really is, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  Here’s how to be successful in your first 30 days:

Get rid of the Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Whether you believe you’ll reach your goals your first 30 days or you won’t, you’ll be right either way. Don’t let people fill your head with slow starting ideas. Set a goal to have a listing your first month and then BELIEVE and WORK to make it happen.

Prospect to survive and succeed When I was an elementary school teacher I didn't have to go find students to fill my classroom. Whether I was eady or not, the first day of school they just showed up. Real estate doesn't work that way. Maybe you have a friend or two who is thinking about buying or selling. But, what then? It is the multitude of activities that make agents successful. You have to make contact with people. 
  • Make a goal to hand out 20 business cards a day, every day for the first 30 days you’re in business.
  •  Knock on a few doors. 
  • Research for sale by owners and expired listings in your neighborhood and call on them. 
  • Find a new listing in your neighborhood. Make an appointment to go see it and take a friend with you. Then call other people in the neighborhood you know to find someone else who wants to see it. Chances are you’ll find someone thinking of selling who doesn’t have their home on the market. Do this until you make an appointment. You want an appointment, don’t you?

Be accountable to your manager Talk to your manager every morning. Show her your plan. Review the activities you did the day before. Tell her how many appointments you set; how many phone calls you made; how many business cards you handed out. Talk about difficulties (all veteran agents have difficult situations too). How did you handle rejection and objections.

Focus on Listings Listings generate more business. Keep making calls and sending emails asking a simple question: “Are you thinking about selling?” If the answer is no, then follow up with “Who do you know who may be thinking of selling?”
See Black and White There is only “yes or no” in real estate. There is no “maybe” and there is no “but.” If you get a “maybe” then work on overcoming objections. If you get a no then move on!

Work with a partner Find an experienced agent who will let you assist on a few appointments. Wouldn’t it be great to watch a pro? After gaining rapport or with the recommendation of your manager, ask an experienced agent if you may shadow them as she does a listing presentation from initial interview, through the research, all the way to the presentation itself. Do the same with a buyer, from consultation to contract.

Your first 30 days as a real estate agent are essential to your success. Aggressively follow a plan that has clearly defined goals and a plan of action. Set activity goals along with production goals. With clear direction and a positive attitude, your success is imminent! 

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