Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just TALK About It

If you talk about something enough it will become the focus not only of your attention but subconscious. This holds true whether you are thinking about purchasing a new car, television, or even a new set of tires. All of a sudden you begin to notice every sale, all the different prices; you can even begin to talk specifications with people. Before too much time passes you become a real expert on the item. If you wait long enough you will get the best deal possible and exactly the right item.
This is true! Recently I watched my wife transform from a person needing a new laptop to a full computer expert. She doesn’t just talk brand names and price anymore. She talks about technical stuff that I don’t care or need to know. Last night I fell asleep while trying to understand why Dynamic Video Memory was insufficient when Hyper Memory was available at the same price. Unfortunately I have no idea what she was talking about. I wasn’t listening because I don’t need to know that information.
Recently, I have been studying the culture of successful real estate offices. At first I was shocked when I noticed that the agents in those offices don’t focus on sales. I thought it was an anomaly. But I was mistaken. The more I observed other successful offices the more I realized that this was the norm in all of these highly productive offices. Instead of focusing on solds, the agents in these offices always seem to focus on prospecting activities. They talk about it with each other. They bring it up in meetings. They have discussion groups and action groups about it. In other words, by focusing on prospecting activities these agents have become prospecting experts. They know the ins and outs of how prospecting affects their business.
What happened to my wife and her computer buying adventure is the same that has happened with productive agents. They have become experts on a subject. They know what level of activity is necessary to produce the results they desire.


  1. That is so true..... thanks for sharing that with us!

  2. Very informative commentary that will help us all focus our lives on our primary goals. Thank you Byron!