Monday, October 31, 2011

Prospect to Urgent Consumers

The key to prospect identification is URGENCY:

  • TIME is the key criteria for determining who is a prospect
  • Categorize your prospects by WHEN they want to move
  • Question for motivation using time based questions:
  1. How soon do you plan on moving?
  2. How much longer will your home meet your needs?
  3. At what point would you consider seeking the services of a sales person?
Bring information to customers who you know want to move. Focus on using active propsecting methods attracting those with an urgency in the buying or selling desires.

Expired Listings
Open House attendees
Good News Bads News
Cold calling this group can be more difficult because they don't know who you are. - Bad News
Cold calling this group can be lucrative because they are ready to make a move. - Good News

Key Concept - If you need business right now then you’ll need to take the initiative to actively prospect the groups that are urgent now and develop relationships by making cold calls and make them warm.

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