Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Home Showing Process Simplified

Real estate agents should help buyers in the home buying process. The agent's job isn't to make the decision for the buyer but to facilitate the process by properly preparing to show homes and to show homes correctly. Following these few simple steps will help the buyers come to the best decision for them.

Pull the weeds - Preview homes before taking a buyer to see them. Some houses look much better in the photographs than in person. Others may be next to undesirable items like high tension power lines. Previewing eliminates wasted showings and deminstrates professionalism.

Do your homework - Once the choice homes are selected spend time researching each property. Know the listing history, the date it last sold, the value, and other pertinent information the buyer will need to make a decision. Add disclosure notices to the showing packet for the buyer's convenience. Be prepared with market analyses.

Know where to go first - David Knox in his Mentor Series II series talks about what order to show homes. In David's tongue-in-cheek manner, he calls it The Theory of Relativity. Buyer's don't understand how good a home is until they compare it to other homes. For example, have you ever jumped into a swimming pool straight from the jacuzzi? Freezing cold, right? What if you just jumped into the pool first without going into the jacuzzi? The pool won't feel as cold because you didn't come from as hot an environment. David Knox recommends that after choosing the best four or five homes for your buyer client, put them in an order to help them reach a buying decision. Show them from good to better to best to good again. This gets them excited to move from house to house but shuts down the showing process in the end. Don't manipulate the process by adding a dog into the mix. These are the best homes available for your buyer.

Shhhh! - This is the hardest part! If the agents has done his or her job correctly, picking the best homes for the buyer, then all the homes should have practically all the same amenities. These are the perfect homes for the buyer. Why not let the homes show themselves and let the buyers experience them without agent commentary. Use the time to observe the buyers as they explore and enjoy the homes they are viewing. Listen for their comments as they enter and leave rooms. Write down their reactions to add to their feedback at the end of each home showing.

Following these easy steps will simplify the buying process for the buyers. Enjoy!

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