Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Prospecting Requires Tool-kit

Sitting here reviewing the latest Facebook statistics, I am amazed at the fervor of activity and growth of social media sites. Facebook is now over 300 million users worldwide with over half of those logging on daily. Facebookers, spending ore than 6 billion minutes daily, post more than 2 billion pieces (including web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photos, events, and videos) weekly! Facebook is a growing, thriving country of intricately woven relationships.

It is astounding to me that we now have the ability to reach so many people simultaneously. It is no wonder why such a large number of marketers are focusing their attention on Facebook and other social media sites. We can create connections, establish relationships helping other people. Through a process of educational marketing we authentically develop these relationships with our friends as they begin to know, like, and eventually trust us, proving again Jim Weichert’s age-old adage, “People by people before they will buy a product or service.”

These social media marketing platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and the rest, have given real estate agents and other prospectors the ability to reach more people and further develop their sphere of influence. With the web 2.0 explosion, however, we have begun to lose sight of a very important piece of the prospecting system: good old eyeball to eyeball, belly to belly as the cronies call it, contact.

Yes, we can electronically and conveniently, send documents to be signed literally anywhere in the world. Relationships however still have to be developed and grown. Take the time to meet with people. It’s the relationship that really makes the service industry fun! Cherish the true richness of the personal face to face contact that or customers truly deserve.

Prospecting and marketing methods have changed. They include a new tool, social media. In the end, it’s still just a tool. You can’t hammer with it. You need a hammer for that.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Art of Networking

The more I read about networking, whether in person or online, the more I see recurring themes. There seems to be a similar opinion among networking experts and gurus as to how to most effectively network. Before I share the recurring themes let me share about a person who I have observed many times “work a room.”
Imagine the super-networker, as he enters the room. Watch him quickly scan the room looking for the key people he ultimately wants to meet. T he super networker moves confidently through the room, greeting everyone he comes near. He is quick to reach out and shake hands. The super-networker’s genuine smile has this way of making each person feel that he has been waiting all day just to talk to them. Usually, it is because he asks them a question that then allows them to talk about themselves. A question much deeper than the average, “How are you?” When the time is right, he either offers information or provides an important connection. After having this short conversation, he quickly excuses himself by offering the person something available in the room as if he is the host of the event. He then moves on to find the next person moving ever closer to the people he came to see.

The characteristics of a Super Networker are easy to spot:
1. He attends networking meetings. He shows up!
2. Has a compelling 30 second speech that tells people what he does.
3. Comes with a plan and a goal in mind.
4. Acts like the host of the event not a guest.
5. Asks powerful questions.
6. Listens more than speaks.
7. Gives information and connections.
8. Has a call to action.
9. Follows up with connections made.
10. Delivers on any agreements made.To be a Super-Networker you’ve got to practice. It’s best to practice at a real event. There is no better time to start than toda

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Open Houses Work

Don't take my word for it. Take a SUCCESSful Weichert Realtor professional's word for it. Interested in learning how to make open houses work to sell your listings and help create new business? Call today 281-208-1700 Weichert Works!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Building a Brand and Creating Authenticity

Creating an online personality is an important part of establishing a social network. People need to know, like and trust you before they'll buy from you. In this article Stefan Swanepoel has takes a comprehensive look at setting up an online personality that is credible and authentic. Swanepoel's list is more philosophial than true steps to building the brand but it is definitely worth reading. Take a few minutes to read his article which is linked above.